Go directly from the Contacts application on newer Palm devices to TomTom.


Go2TT works on recent Palm PDAs: T3, T5, TX, LifeDrive, TE2, maybe some Zire. You need the main TomTom application installed in RAM and a memory card where TomTom is stored.


Download the PRC file below and store it on your computer. Double-click the local file so it is added into the Palm QuickInstall tool.

If you want to have Go2TT in French, install also the overlay Go2TT_frFR.prc, using QuickInstall. If you have a previous version of Go2TT installed, you must install both the new PRC and the overlay if you want the program in French.

Once the right elements (only the PRC, or the PRC and the French overlay) are in QuickInstall, please do a HotSync so the program is transfered to your Palm.

Go2TT is a Preference Panel so you will not find it as a standalone application.


Open Go2TT in the Preference Panel. TomTom supports 2 modes: "Navigate to Address" where you'll get directions to the selected address of your contact, or "Show Address on Map" where the selected address of your contact will be displayed on TomTom's map.

Open the Contacts application and select one of your contacts. Between the title and the category name, you'll find the QuickConnect icon. Click on it to access its features. If your contact has a phone number, you can either dial the number or send a SMS (via a Bluetooth phone). Click on the Parameters button. You'll enter the QuickConnect settings screen. Make sure Go2TT is selected for the "Map" entry.

When Go2TT is enabled and you select an address in the QuickConnect screen, TomTom will be launched, driving you to the address or showing it on the map.

Note you must separate the street number and the street name with a comma, or Go2TT will not be able to find out the street number. It does not matter if the street number is before or after the street name. If there is no comma, an error will be displayed.

In the Go2TT screen, you can choose to have a confirmation screen. When you use QuickConnect for an address, a confirmation screen will be displayed, showing you the street name and street number. You can change them as you see fit.


Go2TT.prc (41 Kb)

Go2TT_frFR.prc (2 Kb)

Go2TT.zip (23 Kb)

Version History

  • 1.0 (26/08/2006) : First release
  • 1.1 (28/08/2006) : Solved a problem finding TomTom on PDAs with several cards (T5, LifeDrive) - Bugfixing
  • 1.2 (02/09/2006) : Solved interaction problems with Agendus Pro
  • 1.4 (30/08/2007) : Made some bugfixing, and added a French overlay

More information

If you read French and/or want to see more screenshots, you can check this thread of the PalmAttitude forum.

Thanks to Patrice Bernard (from the Métro software fame) for the idea and for his help. Go2TT is directly inspired by his A2Map program.

You will find more information about TomTom Navigation for Palm on TomTom Web site.